Helen Higgs

December 17, 2016 Uncategorized 0

In memory of a life beautifully lived and a person so terribly missed


Tributes and donations, in lieu of flowers can be made at www.watltd.co.uk by entering “Helen Higgs” in the “Tributes & donations” section of the website. Donations will be forwarded to the Crohn’s MAP Vaccine research project at King’s College London.

It is with immeasurable sadness that we tell you Helen Higgs, our dear friend and colleague, has left this world behind. Helen fought typically hard to come back from a stroke that hit without warning on 18th November. Tragically, she slipped away on 8th December. The words that follow cannot possibly convey the enormity of the grief suffered by those who loved her, nor do justice to the truly wonderful person she was. Helen leaves a devoted husband and 2 loving sons who were the absolute epicentre of her life.

Compassionate, funny, clever, wise and gracious, Helen really did light up a room when she entered. She was one of life’s genuinely good souls. Prince or pauper, Helen could talk to anyone; she always looked for the good in people, never sat in judgement and always had time for her friends. Helen gave of herself so generously; if someone was down it was Helen who could pick them up, if someone was on a roll she’d be the first to champion their success. It is no co-incidence that if Helen ever needed a hand, there were always any number of people willing to help her. This is borne out by the two very successful fundraising Balls which Helen organised for the Crohn’s MAP Vaccine. She literally filled a ballroom with her friends, most of whom were there not because they had a personal interest in Crohn’s but because they wanted to be there for Helen. She was a wonderful cook and legendary dinner hostess among her friends, often collecting donations at her dinner parties for the work of “The Prof” as she affectionately referred to Professor Hermon-Taylor.

Dear Helen,
We are and always will be indebted to you and will hold dear in our hearts your infectious smile, your seemingly limitless compassion and your incredible joy for life. We will continue to benefit from your remarkable wisdom and when we face decisions in the future we will approach them with the pragmatism which you taught us. You left an invaluable legacy but we would give it up in a heartbeat, to smile with you just one more time. It really has been a privilege and so many lives are better for having been a small part of yours.
xxx Thank you xxx