Crohn’s: how we fight the disease with Amy Hermon-Taylor and Jennifer Klobassa

September 24, 2014 Uncategorized 0

Today Dr Amy Hermon-Taylor along with Crohn’s MAP Vaccine supporter Jenny Klobassa featured on “Strategies of Success” with Brian Cohen. You can hear the full interview online here: Crohn’s how we fight the disease with Amy Hermon-Taylor and Jennifer Klobassa.

Dr. Amy Hermon-Taylor grew up not with Crohn’s but with a father that has been working on a cure for Crohn’s, She began to undertand he father’s research properly in light of her medical training, taking the decision to get personally involved with fundraising/awareness campaigning… and building a team of people from the Crohn’s community (across 3 continents)who are working together to support the research that could lead to a Crohn’s cure.

One person that is accutely aware of this research is Jennifer Klobassa. Jenny has Crohn’s and is member of this team, a Crohn’s patient from Minneapolis,will talk about her experience with anti-MAP antibiotic therapy (AMAT). She contacted Amy’s father in 2008 having read several of his scientific papers and he gave her some advice about AMAT. As a result of this treatment, she has been in profound remission from her Crohn’s for the last 6 years. She is now helping to fundraise for us by organising a benefit in April 2015.

With Dr. Hermon Taylor in England, Jenny in Minneapolis and I am in New York we are thousands of miles apart but with one goal, to further the idea that a cure can be found.