Spread the word, raise the funds, create the Crohn's MAP test and trial the vaccine.

OUR MISSION: To Cure Crohn’s Disease

We believe the Crohn’s Vaccine has unprecedented potential for achieving a lasting remission from Crohn’s disease.

This is based on over 30 years of research, hundreds of scientific papers and the contribution of scientists from all round the globe.

The Crohn’s MAP Vaccine team came together to support the ground-breaking work of Prof. John Hermon-Taylor. It comprises Dr Amy Hermon-Taylor (Prof. Hermon-Taylor’s daughter) and a large group of volunteers all of whom are directly affected by Crohn’s disease.

Our key objectives:

  1. To provide a comprehensive resource on the role of MAP in Crohn’s Disease
  2. To provide the latest information about progress on the Crohn’s MAP Vaccine and MAP Test
  3. To raise funds through Kings College London charity (project MEN9150) to support the work of Prof. Hermon-Taylor on the new MAP Diagnostic Test and the Phase IIa trial of the Crohn’s MAP Vaccine. For details on the funding of this project, click here.

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